P7 Transition

This page has useful information for P7 pupils who will be attending KHS.

Please note: the dates for the P7 to S1 Induction have changed. You can now find the correct dates below.

Transition Days

Benarty House Parental Presentation

Lomond House Parental Presentation

Ochil House Parental Presentation

P7 to S1 Induction Day 1 and 2

Timetable for P7 Transition Days  

Parents' Information Evening

P7 Parent Information Evening 

 Transition Frequently Asked Questions:



...What is the PE kit?

 The PE kit is black shorts for boys and three quarter length leggings for girls. 

...How do we get access to ParentPay?

Your child will be issued with a ParentPay activation letter in August to allow you to set up an account to make online payments.  More information on this can be found here.

...Where and when can I buy a school blazer?

Blazers will be available to purchase at the Parents' Information Evening on 6th June. Further information from the Parent Council will be available soon.

 ...Where can I buy a tie?

Junior ties can be purchased at the Parents' Information Evening for £5.00. Alternatively, the school office sell both Junior and Senior ties.

 ...I'd like to join the parent council.


 If you have any parent council queries, please contact billnicholls61@btinternet.com

...What if I cannot pick my child up from school on the induction days?

 All eligible P7/S1 pupils will be able to get on the Perth & Kinross Council arranged buses for the Thursday or Friday of the induction days.  Pupils can wait in the assembly hall with KHS staff before making their way to the bus stop pick up point.

 ...How will my child get to the high school?




 You will receive a letter from the transport department the week before the P7 to S1 Transitions Days.

...Can my child come to the induction days in June if we have appealed a placing request?



 Unfortunately, only pupils who have secured a place at Kinross High School are eligible to participate in the two day induction programme.

P7 to S1 Transition: Revised Dates

We are looking forward to welcoming P7 pupils to KHS for their induction days on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th June 2018.

P7 to S1 Transition letter


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