Extra Curricular

All pupils in the school are invited to take part in Extra Curricular Activities.  In order to run these activities we ask that each pupil contributes towards the cost of running them.

From August 2015 for S1, a charge of £10 covers you for a locker deposit and a one off payment of £5 as a contribution towards activities.  At the end of your school time at KHS you will be refunded your £5 locker deposit (assuming you can hand back your key!) 

From August 2016 for S2 who did not buy an activity card in S1 and S3 - S6 Activity Cards will cost £5 and will cover all your time here at KHS.  

English - Close Reading Clinics - A Chance to ask questions and get advice form the entire English Department - for more information view the poster here
 English Pre-Prelim Practice
 Additional Reminder of Prelim Study Clubs and Support
 Prelim Specific Study Club
Details of all 2016-17 extra curricular clubs, study clubs and sporting activities can be viewed here -
 Extra Curricular Activities 2016-17


School Sport Coaching Project

Stand out from the crowd and build your CV with sports coaching qualifications and leadership.  The School Sport Coaching Project runs in the Summer holidays where you can attend courses free of charge.  Courses on offer are dance, hockey, football, badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, first aid or boccia.    There is a meeting on Wednesday 14 June at lunchtime in the PE department if you want to find out more and get an application form.  

If you are interested, find out more information here and download an application form. Application forms must be completed by 30 June 2017. 

Sports Clubs

Thank you to all the staff and parents who volunteer to run extracurricular sports, dance and fitness clubs.  44% of the school take part in an extracurricular sports club so there is definitely room for improvement.  If parents have a sport/fitness/dance based activity that they would to introduce to the school please get in contact with Cath Devanny, Active Schools Coordinator, CDevanny@liveactive.co.uk

Curling - Please see here for information on culing activities linked to KHS -  Curling information -  Curling Flier Page 1 and Primary School information  Curling Flier Page 2

Ukulele - no need to be able to read music and Ukuleles will be provided

Science Club - A science club will be meeting on Tuesday lunchtimes beginning on Tuesday 1st September in Science 7 at 13.30 (Miss Foote’s room). There will be a range of exciting experimental projects at the start of the year before members will be given the chance to design and experiment into their own project for presentation at the Big Bang Fair in June. This should also allow members to gain a CREST award.  The club is limited to 12 members and spaces are already going quickly.  If you are interested please give your name to Dr. Oates, Dr. Armstrong or Miss Foote.

Physics Study Club: If you’d like some help with classwork or if you want to complete homework with access to help or perhaps your revising for an assessment then you can come to Physics Study Club. A relaxed environment  in the Physics Department  after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Come as often as you like for twenty minutes or for an hour, it’s up to you. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office (Tel: 867100) should you require any further information.