News from the Parent Council

Session 2017/2018

The new school year is now underway and the Parent Council is preparing for the year ahead.

Our first meeting is planned for Monday 21st August at 7.15pm at Kinross High School and any parent or guardian of a current KHS pupil is welcome to attend.  If this is you, and you would like to join us, you would be made most welcome.  The meetings are informative and the Parent Council is currently planning a number of useful events. 

The programme of meetings for the year is:

 Mon 15th Jan 2018

Tues 13th Mar 2018

Mon 14th May 2018

Tues 19th June 2018


STEM Enrichment

Do you have a passion for science? Do you do something in Science that young people would find interesting or inspiring? If so, the Science department would love for you to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with our young people.  We ideally are looking for people whose professions we can publicise in the faculty, people who could come in and give exciting talks, people who would host a visit at their workplace or people who could share expertise in a project (e.g. build a plan/water transportation competition/CREST Science Awards at the moment, but there is always lots on the go.). If you were able to help, please do get in touch with Dr. Armstrong ( or give your details to any member of the parent council.

Parent Survey 2017-2018 

More information on this years parent survey can be found here

Parent/ Carer Questionnaire Output

 2016 Parent Carer Questionnaire

 School Blazer Sales 

Kathy Campbell co-ordinates blazer sales on behalf of the Parent Council and you can email her at The cost is £49.

School ties are availablle from the school office and cost £5.00.