KHS 300 Club

 KHS 300 Club Application Form

Prize Money as at 20.2.15 - £7000

Donation to School Fund as at 20.2.15 -  £5483

As a school we operate a large number of extra activities that augment the pupil experience.  From sports teams to debating society, drama performances to art clubs to name but a few.  As well as in-school clubs, many excursions take place throughout the session.  We also try to enhance the pupil experience by purchasing new resources over and above those provided through the authority budget.  The vast majority of these events and purchasing of resources are supported in some way by our school fund.  Unfortunately the school fund is running so low now, mainly due to increased transport costs and reduced fund raising activities that our ability to fund extra activities is being jeopardised. In order to continue to provide these extra activities we are now looking at increasing the level of pupil contribution as a first measure.  Our second measure might be reducing the number of activities.  This is obviously something we are keen to avoid.

As a school we are asked to raise funds for many charities and, rightly, as a large community body we highlight a number to support each year.  We fully recognise that it is through your hard earned funds that we give such generous donations to these worthy causes.

Traditional methods of raising monies for the school fund have proven less fruitful in recent years, little or no demand for school discos, sponsored events (annual lochside walk), activity cards are all not generating the income for the school fund they once did.  We have decided therefore to try to raise funds in a different manner, one that spreads the load, reduces administrative burden and ultimately raises the necessary funds for all pupils to benefit through enhanced curricular experiences.

You are invited to join our 300 Club.  This is a monthly draw that gives each participant the chance of winning a cash prize.  Why a 300 Club?  This is the number of parents and staff we feel is a realistic number to attract to such a scheme.  If we get more participants, great, the prize fund will increase as will the donation to the school fund.  The scheme can run with less than 300 and is likely to do so until we meet our target, therefore the prize fund will reduce.

Entry will cost each participant £3 per month and if you are so inclined, you may choose to buy an additional number making your contribution £6 per month.  The mid-monthly draw pays out a proportionate amount depending on take up.  Standing Order forms will be sent out to those who register using the above application form for participation.  

I hope you will agree this is a worthwhile method of fundraising for the school and, ultimately, the benefits for all our young people could be far greater in terms of experiences and resources available.  It may also encourage more of our young people to take part in the many different activities offered.  If you would like any further details of this proposal, please contact Alan Fraser, DHT.  I hope that you appreciate the benefits to yourself and the school in this venture with, ultimately, our pupils being the guaranteed winners.