Scottish Studies - Nat 4


The Scottish Studies Award at SCQF level 4 has a broad and flexible framework. This reflects the range of subject areas which can be studied in a Scottish context. In common with all Awards, this also reflects the values, purposes and principles of Curriculum for Excellence. It offers flexibility, allows time for learning and reflection, focuses on the development of skills and the application of learning, and provides scope for personalisation and choice.

Recommended Entry

Scottish Studies is recommended for learners who have achieved National 4 English who wish to continue developing their functional literacy skills.

Purpose and aims of the Award

The purpose of this Award is to allow learners to broaden their knowledge of Scotland whilst developing and applying the skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to their chosen subject areas. Learners will have a choice of Units, from a range of subject areas, which they can study in a Scottish context.
The main aims of the Award are to give learners the opportunity to:
• develop and apply skills, knowledge and understanding in their chosen subject areas
• make connections across these areas by studying them in a Scottish context
• develop an understanding of the contribution that Scotland and its people, past and/or present, have made, and continue to make, in these areas
• reflect on the place of Scotland within the wider context of the United Kingdom, Europe and/or the rest of the world
• explore an aspect of Scottish Studies that is of particular interest to them
• develop the skills of planning, reviewing sources and selecting relevant information, and skills of reflection
• develop, with support, their abilities to become independent learners

Course structure

All Units in this Award are at SCQF level 4 and learners must complete a total of four Units.
All learners must complete the mandatory Scottish Studies: Scotland in Focus (SCQF level 4) Unit. They must also complete three Units from at least two of the following groups:

Group 1 Language and Literature
Group 2 Society and Environment
Group 3 Arts and Culture
Group 4 Business, Industry and Employment

There are a number of subject areas within each of these groups. Learners can select only one Unit from any individual subject area within a group. These must be delivered and assessed in a Scottish context.

For further information contact Mrs C Poller PT English