Physical Education Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher Physical Education


Performance Skills

Factors Impacting on Performance

Course Assessment

Single Performance



Aims of the Course are to enable learners to:

• understand and apply methods to develop performance

• develop independent research and investigation skills to analyse how skills, techniques and strategies combine to produce effective performance

• select and apply a range of movement and performance skills by making informed decisions during high-level performance

• carry out high-level personal performance in a selected physical activity

• analyse and evaluate the process of performance development


This Course will also give learners the opportunity to develop their listening and talking skills as well as their skills in applying, analysing and evaluating, emotional and physical wellbeing and working with others.

The Course will provide the opportunity to integrate these skills in an extended piece of individual research.



• To gain Advanced Higher Physical Education, learners must pass the two Units and the Course Assessment (Performance and Project for 100 marks)

• Units are assessed as pass or fail by the school/centre and are quality assured by the SQA. Achievement of Units is recorded on the learner's qualifications certificate

• The Course Assessment consists of a Performance (30 marks) and a Project (70 marks). The Performance will be internally assessed and the Project will be marked externally by the SQA

• Advanced Higher Physical Education is graded from A to D or as No Award.


The project is designed to assess learners’ research and investigation skills, as well as their ability to apply their knowledge and understanding to performance development. This research could be into a topic which impacts either on the learner’s performance, or the performance of another person, team or group.

 The project will have four stages:

1. Project proposal

2. Research

3. Performance Development Plan (PDP) record

4. Post-PDP analysis and evaluation                                                                                                     70 marks


The learner plans, prepares, performs and evaluates one demanding physical activity.           30 marks


Advanced Highers prepare young people for further study at higher/further education and also for progression to employment.