History Advanced Higher

Course Outline

Historical Study – 80 Hours 

Pupils will study The Spanish Civil War 1931–1939.  They will study areas such as the failure of the Monarchy in 1931: regional identities and tensions; the importance of the Roman Catholic Church; the power and attitude of the army; social conflict.   The coming of war: the range of political parties in Spain; political instability 1931-35; the creation of the Popular Front; the election of 1936.   The outbreak of civil war: the uprising, its supporters and early success; social upheaval in Republican Spain. The defeat of the Republic: the International Brigades; the intervention of foreign powers; the non-intervention policy; the reasons for Franco’s victory.

Historical Research:  40 hours

The planning, research and production of a 4000 word dissertation on a question of the pupils’ choice, taken from any part of the topic. The dissertation is worth 50 marks and is externally assessed. 


The External Assessment

This will consist of one 3 hour paper worth 90 marks: 

      • Part 1 consisting of two essay questions from a choice of six, each essay worth 25 marks
      • Part 2 consisting of 3 source-based questions worth 40 marks

 Pupils’ dissertation grades will also contribute to their final grades

Internal Assessment

This will be broadly similar to the external exam with separate assessments which match Part 1 and Part 2.  It is necessary that you pass both assessments to gain an overall course award.


Homework and personal study is a major feature of Advanced Higher and pupils can assume a minimum of 3 hours every week should be dedicated to this demanding course.