Design and Manufacture Advanced Higher


The Course will build on the knowledge; understanding and skills developed by the learner in the Higher Design and Manufacture Course and will provide a useful bridge towards further study of related disciplines in higher education. The Course allows learners to consider the various factors that impact on a product’s design. It will consider the life cycle of a product from its inception through design, manufacture, use, re-use and the impacts and consequences of the product’s disposal.

The Course stresses the integration of designing and manufacturing as a connected activity and that design is an iterative process. The Course highlights the close relationship between designing, making, modelling, testing, and refining and presenting design ideas.

As creative industries strive to compete in a global design and manufacturing marketplace and build commercial partnerships across the world, it is important that they continue to build capacity and nurture forward thinking, innovative, talented, and informed designers and manufacturers. Advanced Higher Design and Manufacture provides experiences which support these qualities.

Recommended Entry

Band ‘A’ or ‘B’ at Higher Design & Manufacture


The aims of the Course are to develop: 

    • develop understanding and skills in the processes of designing for the manufacture of products in commercial and industrial contexts
    • develop and apply an understanding of the factors which influence thinking for product design and manufacturing activities
    • develop a critical and visual awareness associated with requirements for user interface and product detailing
    • develop independence in learning and enquiry skills in the context of problem solving in designing and manufacturing
    • develop economic, social and environmental awareness of the implications of a product’s design through its life cycle

Unit Details

    • Product Analysis (Advanced Higher)  - SCQF Level 7  (8 credit points)
    • Product Development (Advanced Higher) - SCQF Level 7  (8 credit points)
    • Product Evolution (Advanced Higher) - SCQF Level 7  (8 credit points)

The Course includes eight SCQF credit points to allow preparation for Course assessment. The Course assessment covers the added value of the Course.

Course Assessment Details

The final course assessment of the Higher Product Design Course will consist of two equally weighted Components:

    • Examination Question Paper (2 hours) 80 marks; externally assessed.
    • Assignment Task 140 marks: internally assessed and externally verified – TBC at Course launch 12/3/15


This Course or its component Units may provide progression in the following way: 

    • a range of design and/or manufacturing-related Higher National Diplomas (HNDs)
    • degrees in design and/or manufacturing-related disciplines
    • careers in design and/or manufacturing design fields

For further information please contact Mr P Linton, PT Design and Technology.