Chemistry Advanced Higher

Course Outline

This course advances the maturity and knowledge of candidates who are already proficient in the subject. While advances will be made in the usual skills associated with chemistry, the Advanced Higher Chemistry course aims to foster independent study, practical work and investigation skills. These are generally valuable assets and will help prepare you for further study or employment particularly where Chemistry is a requirement.

Assessment (SQA) 

The course is assessed by a 100 mark exam and an assignment that students complete.


You will be expected to work more independently both in learning the coursework and doing the practical work. Questions of the type likely to come up in the exam will also have to be practised and will be issued as homework. Keeping up with theory and writing up the practical techniques will keep you more than busy.

Progression Routes (Entry Requirements)

A pass grade at Higher is absolutely essential along with sufficient motivation to work independently.

Other Information

A high degree of motivation and enjoyment of the subject is a definite asset. We have found it advantageous for candidates to find ‘extra’ periods to do practical work and study within the Chemistry department.  Many University Departments are looking for good passes in Advanced Higher subjects. A few will even demand that Chemistry Advanced Higher be passed at a certain grade. The course is particularly suitable for students who wish to progress to degree courses either in Chemistry or in subjects of which chemistry is a major component such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, chemical engineering and the environmental health and biological sciences.  For specific courses in further education the current entry requirements should be consulted.


For further information please contact – Dr. G. Armstrong, PT Chemistry.