Design and Manufacture Higher


This Course will engage creative, flexible learners who are able to work autonomously. It will encourage them to persevere to achieve good quality, feasible proposals through active experiences in Design and Manufacture. At its heart is creativity. The Course engenders confidence in developing the application of skills, knowledge and attitudes: attributes which are becoming more and more valuable to individuals and organisations.

Candidates undertaking Higher Design and Manufacture will gain a deeper insight to the processes of design and manufacture, explore strategies adopted in commercial product design processes and appraise the role design plays in everyday life. They will be in a strong position to pursue further study in all areas of design and manufacturing. The Course will also contribute to personal development, including transferable life skills for use beyond school achievement regardless of the career path followed.

The Higher Design and Manufacture Course differs in purpose and aim from the  National 4 and National 5 in requiring learners to give greater priority to evaluating design proposals and arriving at a resolved design. This reduces time spent on crafting quality prototypes and subsequently increases the time spent on making practical models in order to inform and refine design proposals.

The Course will also provide candidates with the opportunity to experience the personal satisfaction of analysing and solving practical problems in applied contexts.

Recommended Entry

Band ‘A’ or ‘B’ at National 5 Design & Manufacture

Band ‘A’ or ‘B’ at National 5 Graphic Communication (for S6 Pupils only)

Pass at Higher Graphic Communication


The aims of the Course are to develop: 

    • skills in design and in refining design proposals
    • practical skills in the planning and development of models and prototypes
    • skills in evaluation and research
    • knowledge and understanding of manufacturing processes and materials
    • an understanding of the impact of design and manufacturing technologies on our environment and society

Unit Details

Design & Manufacture: Design (Higher) Unit – SCQF Level 6 (9 Credit Points)

Product Design: Materials and Manufacturing (Higher) Unit – SCQF Level 6 (9 Credit Points)

The Course includes   a further six SCQF credit points to allow additional time for preparation for Course assessment.

Course Assessment Details

The final course assessment of the Higher Product Design Course will consist of two equally weighted Components:

    • Examination Question Paper (2 hours) 70 marks; externally assessed.
    • Assignment Task 70 marks: internally assessed and externally verified.


This Course or its component Units may provide progression in the following way: 

    • exit to Further or Higher Education Courses in design, manufacturing or related subjects .exit to Further or Higher Education Courses 

For further information please contact Mr P Linton, PT Design and Technology.