Physical Education Nat 5


Performance Skills

Factors Impacting on Performance

Course Assessment



Learners will develop the following skills:

• effective and safe performance in a comprehensive range of physical activities

• understanding impacts on performance (mental, social, physical and emotional wellbeing factors)

• positive attitudes, fitness, self-reliance and self-management

• recording, monitoring and evaluating to enhance performance

• researching to develop knowledge, understanding and skills

• decision-making and problem-solving

• selecting, applying and adapting skills

• planning, preparing and organisational skills

• carrying out roles and responsibilities

• demonstrating appropriate etiquette and following rules and guidelines

• communication and interpersonal skills to build positive relationships

• demonstrating initiative and strategic skills

• confidence and creativity

• analysis and evaluation

Opportunities for Learners

• Active and independent learning to develop and consolidate skills, improve fitness and enhance wellbeing

• A blend of classroom approaches including experiential practical learning

• Collaborative learning: learning from each other, in partnership and in teams as well as through whole class learning

• Space for personalisation and choice: learners choose their specialism for the Course Assessment Assignment (Performance) and select their activities for their Portfolio

• Applying learning

• Embedding literacy skills: researching and presenting


• To gain National 5, learners must pass all Units and the Course

• Units are assessed by the school/centre

• Unit assessment (or ‘evidence of learning’) could be videos of performance, peer and self-reflection, graphic organisers, cause and effect, Q charts, oral evidence through question/answer sessions, use of ICT

• The Course Assessment consists of the Performance and the Portfolio which will be marked according to SQA guidance and instructions and graded A to D.


National 5 progresses onto Higher Physical Education