Course Outline

Imagining what it is like to be someone else is at the core of our humanity, the essence of compassion and the beginning of morality”   Ian McEwan

 The National courses aim to encourage pupils to develop a range of transferrable skills such as: investigation, research, questioning and analysis. The courses enable learners to investigate and explain religious, moral and philosophical questions and responses, make comparisons, and develop the ability to express detailed and reasoned views. Our courses challenge pupils to think about their own views, as well as the views of others in society.

The course begins with a SKILLS unit based on a variety of topics within the subject. This will help our students to develop the fundamental skills of our National courses such as: research, presentation, analysis, sources and different viewpoints...to name but a few.

S3/4 Courses

 World Religion- Hinduism
 Morality & Belief- Religion, Medicine & the Human Body
 Religious & Philosophical Questions- Evil & Suffering
 Added Value Unit & Assignment- Personal Research

Course progression

In the department we run Higher RMPS and Advanced Higher RMPS (subject to timetable/demand)


Students are assessed through a 1 hour 30 minute exam, and through the Added Value Unit.

Please note courses are subject to change.