Modern Studies

Course Outline

S3 Modern Studies builds on the skills and content explored in S1/2 and sees pupils exploring International and Social issues.

In S3, pupils follow a course that allows them to develop the skills and knowledge to make a smoother step up to S4.  As such, we introduce the ideas, concepts and skills that will help them with Modern Studies (and  many other subjects) in S4.

Pupils focus on a G20 country (in our case, South Africa) for most of S3, examining the current situation in terms of why it is a global power, how it relates to Scotland before examining the political and social issues currently affecting the country. 

In the second unit, pupils will explore a social issue affecting the UK.  At Kinross, they will examine the ideas of Crime and Law, looking at types of crime, the causes of crime and the impact of crime on UK society.  This would then be continued into S4 by looking at the efforts to tackle crime and the success (or otherwise) of these efforts.

Skills development:

    • Describing events and developments
    • Explain the cause or impact of a development
    • Examining data
    • Researching
    • Investigating
    • Presenting