Modern Studies

Course Outline

For Modern Studies National 4 and National 5, pupils will study 3 topics.  These will include:

International Issues

South Africa

South Africa’s place in the world
Social issues in South Africa
Economic issues in South Africa
Political issues in South Africa

Social Issues in the UK

Crime and the Law

What is crime?
Causes and impact of crime
Efforts to tackle crime
The criminal justice system in Scotland

Political Issues in the UK

The UK Political System

Electoral Systems


      • One exam, 2 hours 20 minutes, 80 marks
      • N5- Assignment, 1 hour, marked externally

National 4 has no external exam. Pupils will, however, have to pass all National 4 Unit Assessments as well as the ‘Added Value’ unit to gain an award. Pupils will receive a pass or fail for the year.

Key Skills:

Analysis, evaluation, source-handling, numeracy, interpreting data, research, taking notes, developing arguments, extended writing and more.

Common Career/Study Paths:

Politics, sociology, international relations, law and/or other social science courses, journalism and the media, civil and public service, social work, human relations and in the third sector etc.