Introduction to College - Tasters

Course Information

August 2016-May 2017

Each subject in the programme will be 5/6 weeks and will be taught in schools where possible.

The programme will also include 2/3 college visits.

Pupils have to sign up for the whole package. A college certificate will be awarded to pupils who complete.

There are 2 Introduction to College courses on offer.

Course Content
Introduction to College: Health Wellbeing and Care 

-   Sport and Fitness.
-   First Aid and Care.
-   Hospitality.
-   Creative Arts.
-   Beauty Care.
-   Music.

Introduction to College: Science Technology and Business 

-   Rural/Science.
-   Construction.
-   Digital Photography.
-   Automotive Engineering.
-   Sound Production.
-   Business/Finance.

Starts: August 2017.