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National Take Your Child to Work Day –Thursday 27th April 2017

All S2 pupils are being offered the chance to take part in the National 'Take Your Child to Work Day' (TYCTWD) on 27th April  2017.

We do understand that for a variety of reasons it may not be possible for every pupil to take part. To ensure pupils have equality of opportunity we would suggest asking relatives, friends or colleagues if they would be able to mentor pupils who are not able to accompany a parent or carer.

If a suitable placement is still not available pupils will need to be in school following normal lessons or other activities. You should use your own judgement about where your child goes, however, if parents/carers work at home or alone, it is unfortunately not a new learning experience or environment, therefore it is not suitable.

We hope that as many pupils as possible will be able to accompany and work shadow an appointed adult throughout a normal working day. Pupils will travel to and from work with that adult and be covered by the 'Health and Safety' practices of the organisation that they are visiting and their insurance. Pupils will be provided with a Take Your Child to Work Booklet that they should complete during the day. There will also be a small section to be completed by the mentor.

Pupils will be issued with the booklet and consent form on Monday 24th April during their Tutor Support Group (TSG). This is an opportunity for pupils to think about what is expected in the work place and it also gives the chance to discuss the skills and qualities that are necessary for the world of work and how we can instil and explain the right attitude for work to your child.  For example, communication, confidence and enthusiasm are a few of the key skills but body language and appearance are also important.

Pupils will debrief their day in their Personal and Social Education lesson (PSE) and feedback from the accompanying adults would be gratefully received.

Further information can been accessed from the school website in the Parent and Employer Zones   A consent form will need to be completed for all pupils taking part in TYCTWD which has been issued to your child but is also available to download. Please return the completed form to the school office no later than Wednesday 26th April.

Miss Breen, Enhancing Enterprise and Employability Co-ordinator


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