Out of Catchment Pupil Bus Service to KHS



Dear Parents

During the school summer holidays, the Public Transport Unit organises the school transport provision for all entitled pupils for the next academic session.  Due to new S1 and P1 starts as well as pupil movements in/out/within Perth and Kinross, there are always a significant amount of revisions to education transport contracts from when the previous academic session ends to when the new one commences.  We transport circa 4,200 entitled pupils per day.

Summer 2016 has been no exception with many contract revisions required.  In terms of entitled pupils travelling from East Kinross-shire to Kinross High School, the movement in numbers resulted in the de-registration of Services 622 and 202 to ensure that there were sufficient seats for the entitled pupils on the respective routes.  These routes will still operate but they will be closed contracts rather than local bus services.  In addition, Service 201 will no longer be required to serve Kinross High School and therefore while it will still operate next session it will not serve Kinross High School for the start of the school day.   

All the transport arrangements to Kinross High School were only finalised last week and we e-mailed Kinross High School as soon as everything was confirmed, so that they could text their placing request pupils as we do not have these contact details for these pupils. 

However, if your children live within 3 miles of a contracted pick up point on a route to Kinross High School, they can apply for a concessionary place and may receive one should there be a free seat available.  I have inserted the link to the form below if you wish to print it out and post completed forms into Pullar House:


Please note that concessionary places, if awarded, do not generally become valid until 30 August.  So you would have to make your own arrangements for at least the first two weeks of term.  In addition, a concessionary place can be withdrawn at very short notice at any point if the place is required by an entitled pupil.  

I am aware that some parents organised their own privately hired bus last session from the Leslie/Falkland area.  I am unsure as to whether this will operate next session but perhaps some of your children's friends would have further information about this.

I realise that this is not the answer you would have hoped for but I trust this e-mail will explain the reasons for the bus service changes as from next academic session. 

Yours sincerely

Margaret Roy

Public Transport Officer, Perth & Kinross Council