Nat 4/5 Spanish

Course Overview


Pupils will be given the opportunity to develop confidence and understanding of the language they are studying through a variety of different language contexts.

August - October: Lifestyles

Emphasis in this area will be placed on healthy lifestyle choices and comparison with our European neighbours.

October - December:  Wider World

Pupils will consider their holiday destinations and be encouraged to reflect on these experiences. They will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of school exchanges.

January - March:  Employability and Education

In this area pupils will develop awareness of possible careers and how learning a language would be of benefit. They will reflect on skills required for different careers and where their own strengths lie.


All teaching will focus on the development of four main skill areas:  listening, talking, reading and writing. Each lesson will be planned to ensure that there is coverage of these skills and we aim at all times to encourage independence and confidence in our pupils. Understanding language and the way it works plays an even bigger part at Nat 4/5. Pupils will be encouraged to reflect on how to construct language on their own, applying rules of grammar. At Nat 4/5 stage pupils will be expected to show an understanding of present, past and future tenses. They will also understand genders, adjectival endings and rules of word order appropriate to that language.


Pupils can expect two pieces of homework a week. One piece will normally be of a learning nature and self-discipline in this particular learning process can be hugely beneficial in the long run.  We also realise the importance of understanding written texts and we would normally give a reading task to complete as well. At certain times of the year homework may include preparation and practice for a speaking assessment.


Internal Assessment

At National 4 and National 5 level all pupils need to have evidence of passes in the four skills of listening, talking, reading and writing.  Pupils will be given a number of opportunities to show how well they are doing. In S4 the timings of these assessments are as follows:

September:  Writing on the topic of holidays or an exchange/Talking with a teacher about a holiday or an exchange

December:  Listening and Reading assessments

February and March:  Opportunities to revisit any assessment areas where pupils were not successful first time round.

March:  All pupils will complete either an AVU speaking presentation at Nat 4 or a Talking Performance at National 5 

External Assessment

There is a difference in the way National 4 and National 5 are assessed at the end of the year.

National 4

This exam is internally assessed.  Pupils need a pass in the four skills of listening, reading, writing and talking which will happen internally at the times above.  Pupils need to also complete a Added Value Unit which comprises 2 reading texts, a short presentation in the foreign language and at least four follow-up questions asked by their teacher. This will take place in March.  Pupils will gain an award at National 4 when all sections have been completed.

National 5

This exam is externally assessed and pupils will be awarded an A-D as a result of the exam they sit in May.  To achieve this pupils will also need a pass in the four skills of listening, reading, writing and talking which will happen internally at the times above.  Pupils will be required to complete a Talking Performance in March.  The external exam comprises of three reading texts, a listening test and a written job application.

Exam presentation

All pupils in the department are given every opportunity to improve and we do not encourage them to think about whether they are National 4 or 5 until February. They will be given clear feedback on written or spoken tasks during the year and more importantly about how they can improve the quality of this work. By February it becomes more evident which qualification suits the needs of every individual pupil and parents and pupils are given clear communication on this.  


Sr. Becher

Spanish Vocab Booklet