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S3 Progress Assessment October 2017

S3 pupils are due to sit a Progress Assessment this October. The assessment will cover topics from Block 7 from our S3 course outline and will be assessing understanding at Levels 3/4 and 4+. Please see information about the topics being assessed below:

 Block 7 topics

Following analysis of this assessment and departmental discussions, there maybe changes to classes so we can broadly set pupils into groups that will suit their pace of learning. These changes will NOT determine the SQA qualification that pupils will be presented for in S4. This will be considered later in S3 and more information will be given nearer the time. 

Revision for S3 Progress Assessment


Session 2016-17 Information

S3 Progress Assessment February 2017

S3 will complete a 2nd Progress Assessment in February 2017. The assessment will cover topics from Block 8 from our S3 course outline and will be assessing understanding at Levels 3/4 and 4+. There is a link to a revision question sheet below, along with a list of topics and questions pupils can do from the S3 Homework booklet:

    • Algebra - multiplying out brackets
    • Algebra - factorising
    • Algebra - substitution
    • Working with negative numbers
    • Gradient and Straight Line

 S3 Block 8 Revision

 S3 Block 8 Revision Qs from HW Booklet

 S3 Assessment May 2017
A Final S3 assessment will take place on Thursday 11th May. This assessment gives every pupil a chance to demonstrate their potential after learning a range of topics from the National 4 and National 5 courses throughout the final stages of the BGE. This will finalise decisions on the most suitable SQA course in S4.
A list of topics to be covered and a revision worksheet can be found below
  • Pythagoras
  • Trigonometry
  • Algebra
  • Circle Theorems
  • Volume

 S3 Block 9 Revision

S3 Block 9 Revision - Answers