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Latest News

New Maths classes session 2017/18

As pupils move into the academic session of 2017/18 there has been a reshuffle of classes. This is due to a number of reasons:

a) In S3 and S4, pupils are no longer placed in classes according to their house groups and are placed against English, thus having an effect on when they come to Maths;

b) The number of classes within the year group change;

c) Timetable constraints mean that certain teachers are not available when a group of pupils are due to come to the department.

In S2, S3 and S4, pupils have been broadly set in ability groups based on assessment results, teacher recommendation and peer/support factors.

S3 Final Progress assessment Thursday 11th May 2017* 

This assessment will cover topics from Block 9 of the course outline and will be assessing understanding at Levels 3/4 and 4+.

A summary of the topics being assessed are noted below:

    • Circle work
    • Pythagoras
    • Trigonometry
    • Volume
    • More algebra

Revision materials can be accessed via the Revision Information tab under S3 - BGE.

*Pupils embarking on the French Exchange trip can agree with their teacher whether they sit the assessment before they go (Tueday 9th May) or as soon as they get back (Friday 19th May) .


100 N5 Exam Type Questions & Answers - Test Yourself!

*Final Preparation for Nat 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher pupils*

In the final few weeks of S4,5 and 6 courses, I'd like to remind you about the support being offered to your child within the Maths department, what resources they can access and what they can do to ensure they are exam ready come May:

  • Study Clubs - these run most days after school at 3.45pm - 4.45pm and some lunch-times. Pupils are welcome to join any club pitched at the appropriate level. Click on the following link to see the study club timetable. Senior (S4-S6) Study Support Opportunities
  • Past Paper practice - This is one of the best way that your child can become exam ready. pupils can download them at (if they haven't already!)
  • Homework Tasks - these can be revisited especially where pupils have missed doing them or didn't perform so well earlier in the year. Pupils can come along to study club and get help to work through some of the challenging questions. All homework tasks can be found in the resources menu of the course overview (your child should know where to find them!)
  • Prelim Analysis - Pupils can look back over their evaluation sheets to see what areas in particular they need to revisit and consolidate.
  • Topic booklets - Pupils should be references their notes regularly when working through past papers and homework.

Also, during the Easter holidays, Perth College are offering an Easter Revision Course for Higher Maths. If you would like more information regarding this, please see your Higher teacher, Mrs Furby or Miss Breen.



*S3 Progress Assessment February 2017*

S3 will complete a 2nd Progress Assessment on 14th February 2017. The assessment will cover topics from Block 8 from our S3 course outline and will be assessing understanding at Levels 3/4 and 4+. More information including revision materials can be found via the Revision Information tab.




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