Welcome to the English Department!

The English department is a vibrant and stimulating environment in which all pupils are encouraged to work to the best of their ability.  The department currently consists of Mrs Baxby (principal teacher), Miss Evans, Ms Gallagher, Mrs Beveridge, Mrs Baxby, Mr Walker, Mrs Winter and Miss Wilson.  The department has excellent facilities, including bright, spacious well equipped rooms and access to the Loch Leven Community Library.  Below you will find information on the courses offered by the department, homework and useful resources.

Study Support:

S4, 5 and 6 pupils studying for National 5 and Higher are presently carrying out research and planning the discursive essay for the folio.

The topic for this essay is a matter of individual choice. Any pupil who wishes to discuss their topic or plan outwith the opportunities offered in class, should arrange to meet with the class teacher at a mutually convenient time.


Courses we offer in this field:

S1 EnglishCourse Overview

S2 EnglishCourse Overview

S3 EnglishCourse Overview

Nat 5 English (S5/6)Course Overview

Higher EnglishCourse Overview

Advanced Higher EnglishCourse Overview

Nat 4/5 EnglishCourse Overview